At Lakes Orthodontics, we hope to make your visit with us enjoyable and informative by giving you information on the sequence of appointments and what you can expect at each appointment.

  1. New Patient Exam
    All family members interested in the patient’s orthodontic treatment should come to this important appointment. The exam consists of:
    • A free oral exam
    • Explanation of orthodontic findings
    • Treatment options
    • Tentative treatment plan
    • Fee estimate
    • Panoramic X-ray and/or photographs if indicated

  2. Records
    After your questions have been answered and you decide to proceed with treatment, we will schedule an appointment to take diagnostic records. A charge is incurred for these records but it is included in the overall treatment fee. You will be billed separately, only if you decide after the records are taken that you do not wish to proceed with treatment. The records help us establish a definitive treatment plan. The records appointment consists of:
    • Photographs
    • Panoramic X-ray
    • Cephalometric X-ray
    • Models of your teeth

  3. Consultation
    The legal guardian must be present at the consultation if the patient is a minor. We encourage the patient to come as well, since understanding the reasons for treatment leads to better cooperation. At the consultation we will:
    • Review the diagnostic records
    • Discuss the treatment
    • Give you the treatment fee
    • Provide a copy of the payment schedule, contract and informed consent.
    • Have insurance papers ready for your signature, when indicated

  4. Banding
    This is the appointment when the braces are placed. Since the banding is the longest appointment, we reserve times in the morning and early afternoon. After school appointments are reserved for our shorter appointments. The initial fee is not due until this appointment. On the banding day we will:
    • Cement/bond the braces in place
    • Place the archwires and ties
    • Review tooth brushing/flossing technique and brace care
    • Discuss foods that may loosen the braces
    • Provide a tooth brushing kit and a prescription for fluoride

  5. Monthly Appointments
    Once your braces are placed, we will need to see you every four to six weeks to monitor your tooth movement. Missing these appointments may prolong your treatment. These appointments are approximately 30 minutes long. At these appointments:
    • We will change your ties
    • Occasionally change your archwires
    • Occasionally make bends in the wires
    • Add new appliances, if indicated
    • Fix loose or broken appliances, if time permits

  6. Extra Appointments
    Occasionally the wires slip, the braces become loose, or an auxiliary appliance may be lost or broken. If any of these happen to you, please call our office. Above all, we care about your comfort. If our schedule does not allow time to fix a broken brace or archwire, we will always see you to make you feel comfortable. Tell the Scheduling Coordinator your concerns and we will accommodate your needs to the best of our ability.